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A little information on NiCad battery packs:


We get a lot of questions on the power of the batteries that we rebuild, such as: What is the amperage rating of our rebuilds? How do our rebuilds compare to factory battery packs? How long will a rebuilt battery pack last?


First of all let’s talk about amperage ratings; We have found that the stated ratings on factory battery backs are a bunch of B.S. We have tested numerous brand new factory battery packs from all of the major manufacturers and have yet to find any that meet the rating stated on the battery! (We use a CBA-III computer battery analyzer for all our tests).  As far as we are concerned stated amperage ratings are not the way to measure battery performance. We test our rebuilds for discharge rate, how long does it take to discharge the battery when used at full power. Our rebuilds consistently test at more than 45 minutes of continuous draw at full power. That’s more than 45 continuous minutes of running your tool while it does the work it was designed for.


How do our rebuilds compare to factory battery packs? The first thing to remember is that like most things, when it comes to batteries you get what you pay for. Our rebuilds are designed for professional grade tools and will equal or exceed the performance of any factory battery pack.  When you purchase a low cost cordless tool there is a reason that the manufacturer can sell it at a low price, the quality of the tool is lower than a higher priced product. This includes the tool itself, the battery pack and the charger, but most of the cost savings is in the battery pack. We use the best battery cells available on the world market today. We can take a low cost battery pack and upgrade it so that it is equal to any professional grade battery pack on the market. But remember that quality cost a little more.


How long will a rebuilt battery pack last? The answer to this question is, it depends on how much and how you use it. Our rebuilds are designed to last 500 charging cycles when properly used, this means recharging the battery pack as soon as the operator notices any drop in performance, recharging to 100% charge, and not subjecting the battery to extremes in temperature. Heat is a battery packs worst enemy, overheating a battery pack will reduce its life by up to 90%. Continuing to use a battery once performance starts to drop off builds a tremendous amount of heat in the battery pack. Chargers give off a lot of heat when they are recharging the battery, we recommend turning them upside down when charging so the heat from the charger won’t “cook” the battery. Some battery rebuilders solder the tabs on the cells when they do a rebuild, this dumps a ton of heat into the cells and shortens their life. We use a micro spot weld that we designed and built in house that imparts no additional heat into the cells.


We advertise that we can rebuild a battery pack for about half the cost of a new pack; this is based on the cost of professional grade battery packs. But don’t forget that we will upgrade your low cost pack to a pro grade pack and you will greatly improve the performance of your cordless power tools.


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